Hello world!

Hello world, welcome to Solavei! We are here to make your life a little better.

Often, we forget that people are what motivate us to become better, to do more and to create new things. Solavei has not forgotten. Their motto is “Powered By Relationships” for  a reason.

Relationships with other people are what make us human.

It is also part of what drives the social commerce engine. You buy something, you like it, you recommend it.

Now, you can earn money for doing that.

I recommend watching the video on the home page to see what we mean by social commerce and how it works.

If you want to see a webinar on the topic of Solavei and the Social Commerce Revolution, I recommend going to http://49dollarcellular.com/go/introduction/ and grabbing a cup of coffee. It is 51 minutes, but the host, Jerry Foster will reveal an awful lot of great information to help you see why you should be saving a bunch of money on your cellular service.

We hope you will be joining our family soon!